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Skip Fitch ~ Owner

Owner of Streetnoyz Customs, San Diego for 15 years, Skip has over 25 years in the auto industry as an electronics specialist. Skip is an off-road and vintage car enthusiast and you will find him most weekends riding the dunes, going to a vintage car show or watching Supercross. Skip got his start in electronics by installing his own system in his first car, from there he started working at an insurance replacement company.


Working there gave him the knack for repairing car audio systems that had been stolen from vehicles. It also taught him how to work with insurance company’s, autobody shops, lock smiths and several other trades vital to the car electronics and customizing industry. In the early 1990’s he built several IASCA (International Auto Sound Challenge Association) competition vehicles that he took to several car audio competitions throughout the western US.


In the span of a few years he won almost every show that he entered and even won a world title in 1992 at the IASCA international finals in Oklahoma city. After a short few years Skip became one of the top installers in the US.



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Skip has been nominated one of the top 100 installed in the US more times than he can count, at least 10. He's certified by several interstate battery training courses on how to trouble shoot battery issues in vehicles.


Skip has won the outstanding installer award from Mobile Electronics 5 years in a row.


He has trophies in countless car audio shows throughout the west coast:


  • 1991 IASCA regional 1st place

  • 1992 IASCA regional first place

  • 1992 IASCA finals 250 to 500 pro class 1st place

  • 1995 IASCA regional first place

  • 1995 IASCA finals 5th place

  • 1995 IASCA finals I had 5 five cars place in the top 10 of their classes out of


      500 competitors



  • 1998 finals Troy Dnails place 2nd in the 150 to 300 class


  • 1998 USAC final Brian Lovell 1st place with his Saturn wagon


  • Brian Lovell cover of Car Audio magazine with the feature article



There really is too many to list!



On the weekends when I’m not an car audio guru, I like to ride motocross, or my side by side and work on my mid century home.

How Streetnoyz Got Started

 After a few years of working for a large corporate company Skip left and started Fritz Auto Sound, another very successful car audio and electronics business. While there Skip met Paul his eventual new business partner. Fritz Auto Sound morphed into Streetnoyz Customs in late 1999 with the official partnership of Paul and Skip. They shared a passion for building custom cars and integration electronics in to vehicles. They both have very high standards with regards to customer service and quality workmanship. Skip and Paul have successfully transformed many car audio enthusiasts into successful installers that have moved onto larger car audio and electronic companies around the country. Come down and check out the trophy wall at Streetnoyz Customs, it’s about 75 feet long, with 2 trophies deep, all 1st, 2nd Place and Best of Show.

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