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STREETNOYZ is a full service car electronics sales and installation facility. We specialize in custom car audio and electronics; we have a full fabrication facility working with wood, fiberglass, aluminum, Plexiglas, sheet metal, welding, painting, upholstery and other advance installation materials.

We take pride in handling and caring for our customers vehicles we use seat covers to protect your cars interior, fender guards and other safety techniques to protect the exterior of you vehicle, rolling carts, individual parts bins to organize the interior of your vehicle while we are performing the installation of you new electronics. It’s this care that gives Streetnoyz the edge in the installation of your mobile electronics.



  • Car stereos

  • Security systems

  • In-vehicle GPS mapping systems

  • Vehicle tracking systems

  • iPod and smartphone accessories and integration

  • Rear camera systems

  • Backup sensors

  • Radar detection systems

  • In car video and entertainment systems

  • We can also fabricate dash parts with custom integration

  • Pioneer

  • Sony

  • Kenwood

  • Image Dynamics

  • Zapco

  • Arc Audio

  • Focal

  • German Maestro

  • DynAudio

  • Macintosh

  • Audiocontrol

  • Stinger Accessories

  • Peripheral Electronics

  • PAC Audio Accessories

  • Clifford Security Systems

  • Escort Radar Systems

  • K-40 Radar Detection

  • Compustar Security

  • NAV-TV accessories

  • Traknet tracking systems

  • Parrot hands free blue tooth car kits

  • Myron and Davis video systems

  • Visualogic

  • Rosen Entertainment


And many more….just ask!

If you have an electronic need we have a solution.

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