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Shiny Black Car in Driveway


Did you know that when a car gets hot inside it works harder and produces more emissions and pollutant into the environment?



When a car gets hot inside the owner turns up the air conditioning. When the air conditioning on a gas or diesel vehicle is on the engine works harder therefore working the engine harder and emitting more pollutants into the air.


At Streetnoyz we only use the highest grade materials for our window tinting. Johnson Films is one of the best tint manufacturers on the market but even good manufacturers have cheap products to sell to the retailers. Streetnoyz only uses their top grade films in all shades. All of our films have 99% ultra violet protection whether it’s the lightest or the darkest film. That UV protection is what keeps your skin from burning, the interior from being destroyed by the sun, and your car from early retirement. Keeping your car cooler makes you more comfortable by not only making the car run more efficient but also will save on your wallet at the gas pump. Window film has made many advances in the past years. All of our film is guaranteed not to bubble, flake, turn purple, delaminate or blur as long as you own the car.


We carry specialty films for vehicles that have radio antennas in the glass and not on the fenders. These films are called ceramic and are specially designed not to interfere with common radio reception. Our films are also backed by a nation wide warranty thru the manufacturer. This warranty covers workmanship and materials. Quality workmanship and materials makes a window tint compliment the automobile! Come on by for a free window tint quote today.


We also can tint windows at office buildings, businesses and homes!

      Johnson Films

  • IR Film
    Ceramic Based with Lifetime Warranty
    Premium Film available in Limo, Dark, Med & Light

  • IR UV Shield 43% Solar Rejection

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