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So you’ve seen the new cars with all the navigation stuff. Maybe you caught a ride with a friend who has one. Or maybe you’ve been to the dealer looking at the new cars available.


You may even be thinking that you would get a new car that has all of this new technology in it, until you look at the price of that new car. I mean why spend all that money on a new car when yours is perfect? It runs great, stops well, you don’t need a degree to figure out how to drive or operate it. Maybe you even customized it a little to suit your needs.


Well at Streetnoyz we can outfit your existing car with the newest, latest and greatest systems on the market. Even if you have been to the local stereo guys or the popular big box retailers and they told you it couldn’t be done. WE CAN DO IT! Our motto is nothing is impossible. We can install the navigation system of your choice or even help you choose one that works best for you.

Aftermarket navigation systems can do so much more that the factory installed ones. Just think, you can add navigation, satelite radio, iPod, rear view camera systems or even mobile entertainment! These systems can be cosmetically and electrically integrated into your factory sound systems just like they were from the factory.


If you have steering wheel controls we can integrate them also. So come on by and talk to a consultant. We can advise you to what is the latest and help you choose a system that is right for you and your car!



  • Custom Dashkits to accomodate double din navigation systems

  • Drop down monitors from the roof

  • iPad or tablet installation

  • Headrest Monitors

  • Video Streaming

  • Voice Command - Apple Carplay

  • Map Software Upgrades



  • Pioneer

  • Kenwood

  • Sony

  • Garmin

  • Apple

  • We can also install any equipment bought from another retailer.

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